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Bossi Strada SS Road Bike Review: Titanium Meets Aerodynamics

The Bossi Strada SS, at first glance, might be mistaken for another carbon fiber road race bike with its sleek, metallic finish. However, upon closer inspection or a simple tap on the frame, it reveals its true nature: a titanium construction. This performance road bike stands out in the young Australian brand’s lineup, offering a unique blend of modern design and traditional material.

I’ve had the Sydney-designed Bossi Strada SS for a test run over a few months and here’s my take on its performance.

Story Highlights

  • What: A contemporary road race bike crafted from titanium.
  • Weight: 1,560 g (54 cm frame), 420 g (fork). Complete bike as tested: 7.64 kg (16.84 lbs) without pedals.
  • Price: AU$5,750 (approx US$4,200) for a raw frameset, complete bikes starting from AU$12,980.
  • Pros: Modern race machine feel, equipped with contemporary features, threaded bottom bracket, durable, and a conversation starter.
  • Cons: Integrated cabling limits fit adjustments, possibly too aggressive for some riders, proprietary seatpost, and its weight, if that matters to you.

Moulding Titanium

James Bossi, an industrial designer based in Sydney, has transitioned from various industries back to bicycles, shaping Bossi Bicycles into what it is today. The brand’s foray into titanium dropbar bikes is a step away from the norm, offering unique features like proprietary die-cast moulds typically associated with carbon fiber.

The Strada SS is not your usual titanium bike. It ditches the typical custom geometry and traditional round tubes for a more aggressive, modern race bike stance, mirroring designs like the Cannondale SuperSix Evo or Specialized Tarmac SL7. Bossi aims to combine this contemporary look with the durability and ride quality titanium is revered for.

Design and Features

The Strada SS’s smooth airfoil shapes at various parts of the frame are crafted using a mix of double-butted and hydroformed tubes combined with cast lugs. Bossi’s investment in die-cast moulds allows for complex 3D shapes and seamless joints, offsetting weld lines away from high-stress points. The result is a titanium bike with a uniform aesthetic and no added weight over traditional methods.

The frame weighs a respectable 1.56 kg for a 54 cm size, and the carbon fork weighs 420 grams. As for aerodynamics, while it hasn’t been wind-tunnel tested, its design elements suggest it would fare better than round tube designs.

Integration and Build Details

Notable features include an integrated cockpit concealing brake hoses and wires, tapered and dropped seatstays, an integrated wedge-type seat clamp, and a machined T47 threaded bottom bracket shell. Tyre clearance is ample at 30 mm, and the bike can accept various integrated systems for cockpit customization.

Riding Experience

The Strada SS delivers a surprisingly direct and responsive ride, akin to a modern carbon race bike. It offers a balance between dulling road inconsistencies and being communicative about surface changes. Its handling is precise and confident, especially at higher speeds and through corners.

The fit is race-oriented, comparable to many popular road race bikes, making it suitable for riders looking for a performance-focused geometry.

Pricing and Geometry

The raw finish frameset, including the fork, seatpost, headset, and small frame parts, is priced at AU$5,750. Custom paint and complete bike options are available as well. The bike’s geometry is fixed due to the cast lug design, with six factory sizes offered.

Final Thoughts

The Bossi Strada SS is an intriguing mix of modern race bike features with the timeless appeal of titanium. It’s a bike that challenges conventional titanium use, offering a race-ready platform that can withstand the rigors of aggressive riding. While it may not be the lightest option compared to carbon bikes, its durability and unique aesthetic make it a noteworthy contender in the performance road bike market.

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