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Cyrusher Kommoda Review – An E-Bike for All Occasions!

I must say, it’s great that I got to know this bike because the Cyrusher Kommoda, a 20-inch step-through e-bike, offers a lot of fun and comes with several great features. Let’s dive into more details.

First Impressions

The Cyrusher Kommoda, seen here in white, also comes in more vibrant colors like orange, blue, or grey – all combined with black accents, including the rims. This leads to some striking combinations and applies to the entire Kommoda range. Regardless of the color, where do we start? This bike offers many highlights and eye-catchers. It’s challenging to bring some structure to this review, but let’s try, starting with the appearance.

Design and Comfort

The Kommoda is a 20-inch step-through e-bike, speaking primarily for comfort. The frame is deeply cut for easy mounting and dismounting. The wide, 10 cm tires also indicate comfort and are perfect for rough terrain, providing good traction in various weather and ground conditions.

The saddle is quite comfortable, featuring a ventilation insert in the middle, further hinting at a comfortable cruising experience. The bike combines comfort and off-road capabilities, with a fully-suspended frame that attracts attention. The front fat fork looks almost motorcycle-like, starting just after the crown and heading downwards. This fork is not just for looks – it offers considerable comfort with a long, deep travel of 110 mm, and you can adjust the tension if it feels too soft.

Utility Features

The Kommoda can carry up to 150 kg, an impressive feat. This means, depending on your weight, you can carry a significant load. The bike comes with a robust, wide, flat rear rack, suitable for carrying boxes, bags, and more. This third aspect of the bike’s use – utility – is complemented by the bike’s ability to comfortably handle different terrains and provide a comfortable ride.

Performance and Components

The Kommoda comes with hydraulic disc brakes (180mm front and 230mm rear), offering strong stopping power. The suspension is noteworthy, providing a good balance between a comfortable ride and handling off-road conditions. The bike features a Shimano shifter with seven gears, offering a basic but solid range for maintaining a comfortable cadence up to speeds of 30 km/h.

The bike is powered by a rear-wheel motor, offering a standard 250 watts but with a massive 80 Nm of torque, peaking at 1000 watts. This power is noticeable, especially in the highest of the five support levels. The bike’s performance is surprisingly agile, considering its size and weight.

Overall Impressions

The Cyrusher Kommoda stands out as an e-bike suitable for a range of uses, from comfortable cruising to more demanding off-road adventures. While it might not excel in any one area, it offers a balanced mix of features at a price of 2200 euros. The bike’s versatility and power, combined with its practical design features, make it an appealing option for a wide range of riders.

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