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Fiido L3 Review: Compact E-Bike with Exceptional Battery Life

In the affordable folding e-bike market, the Fiido L3 stands out, especially for its impressive 1113Wh 48v battery. This compact e-bike is a game-changer for long-range commuting. I aim to thoroughly review the Fiido L3 in 2023, but for now, let’s dive into its specifications.


Fiido is known for its innovative electric bikes, with the Fiido X being a prime example. Most folding e-bikes offer a battery range between 360Wh to 500Wh, suitable for urban commutes. However, the Fiido L3, with its enormous battery, is designed for much longer journeys.

Fiido L3 – The Fiido L3 is more than just a folding bike; it’s a powerhouse with 14″ wheels and a compact frame, featuring a 48v 23.2Ah battery. This impressive battery offers a potential range of 124 miles under optimal conditions, though real-world estimates are around 70-90 miles, and less if using the throttle only.


The L3 is equipped with a 48v 350w rear hub motor, offering both pedal assist and throttle options. Despite its modest specs, the motor delivers significant power, potentially reaching around 800w at peak.

Fiido L3 Motor


The L3’s battery capacity is unmatched in its price range, using high-quality DMEGC cells. This 1113Wh battery ensures the L3 can cover much more ground than competitors.

Fiido L3 Battery


The L3 features mechanical disc brakes, adequate for its size and weight. Upgrading to hydro-mechanical calipers like the Zoom HB100 is an affordable option for enhanced performance.

Fiido L3 Brakes


The aluminium frame is lightweight and easily foldable, with adjustable settings to accommodate different rider heights.

Fiido L3 Frame


The L3 comes with all the essentials for commuting or leisure rides, including mudguards, lights, kickstand, suspension seatpost, and a pannier rack.

Fiido L3 Accessories


Given its compact size and motor power, the single gear of the L3 is sufficient, especially with the electric speed cap at 15 mph.

Wheels and Tyres

Durable one-piece magnesium wheels are paired with 14″ x 1.95″ CST tyres, offering some puncture protection.

Fiido L3 Wheels

Fiido L3 Specifications

  • Model: Fiido L3
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Battery: 23.2Ah / 1113.6Wh
  • Range: Up to 200 km in Electric Assist Mode, 130 km in Pure Electric Mode
  • Max speed: 16MPH (25 km/h)
  • Frame material: Aluminium alloy
  • Color: Gray
  • Max load: 120 kg
  • Net weight: 24 kg (with battery)
  • Tire size: 14″ x 1.95″
  • Dimensions (folded/unfolded)

Target Audience

The Fiido L3 is perfect for those needing a reliable, long-range e-bike for extensive commuting or leisure rides. Its small wheels might limit its effectiveness in rougher terrains, but it’s ideal for city escapes and exploring the countryside.


The Fiido L3’s unique blend of a massive battery capacity, powerful motor, and compact design offers great value for money. It’s a superb choice for long commutes or adventurous rides.

Fiido L3 Pros and Cons:


  • Massive battery capacity
  • Powerful motor
  • Great value
  • Comfortable design


  • Heavier due to the large battery
  • Single gear
  • Small wheels

If you own a Fiido L3, your reviews in the comments section below are welcome.

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