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Fly E-Bike Fly 7 : electric Scooter Review

Seven, i told you guys. I wanted to do a review on the fly eight, but i couldnt get my hands on the flight, so i got my hands on the fly seven now a couple of you guys been around before so youre. Quite sure. Im quite sure, you guys know how these reviews go. Im, not no expert at it, but im gon na give it another. Try so just like before lets give the bike a quick walk around. This is the fly 7 e bike, or a lot of you like to correct me and say the scooter of course, id like to tell you its a nice looking school that everyone can see for themselves, loving the colors on this. The fly. Seven, as you guys know, theres a fly: three theres a fly: seven theres, an eight, a fly: nine, a ten and eleven and theres a twelve one away, but um i kind of really wan na get into this bike. Um. I dont know where to start. You know, but im gon na start just like before. Ah lets see the wheels the wheels the wheels these wheels here, unlike the flat tent. These are tenants, wheels with three inch tyres and back here, not like the fly 10 thats, a 1200 watt motor on the tennis rim. You guys can see that fly 2021. That 60 is a 60 volt. It is a 1200 watt motor and um. I dont know dont know where to start thats going up here.

I hope you guys can see this display whenever you see these guys. These displays blinking thats just due to the sunlight, they dont blink in person. You know they definitely dont um. I really dont know where to start with it, i really dont know where to start with it, its so much similar to all of the rest of fly tens. I know its a lot of new people here. Let me jump right into this thing. Okay, first of all, these big chrome bars here. These are the crash bars just in case you drop the bike off the bike fall or, if you crash into anything those bars protect the bike very well, very well, its wrapped. All the way around the bike around the fenders, the lights, the front, everything the bike is completely protected with those rail guards. But to tell you the truth, i hate them. I cant stand to see those guards on these bikes and take away from the aesthetics of the bike. Like i said its a nice looking bike, its a nice form factor the bike. The form is nice on the bike. If you really can see it and um take a look at these headlights, i really havent studied too much at a bike, but im loving this design. I believe this lights up and theres no light here, but inside here theres a bright, led light. That looks like a flashlight. The light turns two colors on low beam, its on blue and on a high beam, its a bright white um down.

Here i noticed on the newer models they have more decals on these bikes. They have more decals on these bikes. One. Second guys, one second give me one second, im, sorry im so low. Let me wipe this lens down. Okay, now now thats, better, all right! All that chrome was distracting me. You know i had to take all that stuff off so, like i was saying these are tenants wheels with the um 10 inch wheels by 3.. Now i put the knobby tires on here now. I really suggest you fellas do not do this. Do not do this to your bike. Do not put the knobby tires on your bike, not unless you have experience, because it changed the whole complete form of the ride like when you hit a bump. The bike doesnt go up and down. The bike goes side to side and um another thing uh. Let me get right into some more. This is going to be a messy review. I wouldnt even really so much call it a review. I would call it um a comparison because, with these flat sevens, a lot of guys that, like the flat seven and the fly nines, they really dont care for the fly, tens and the guys who like to fly tens. They really dont care for the fly sevens. The nines, the threes – they think that theyre too small, so its going to be a lot of pros and cons with this bike.

Let me um get into one thing: these mirrors these mirrors theyre, pretty nice. They got a nice carbon look to them, but i see a lot of guys. They take the mirrors off because when youre riding these mirrors one second, these mirrors swing around loose and they keep as you ride and they they fling and they move a lot. So a lot of guys take these mirrors off for some reason you can tighten them and tighten them, but they still stay loose, both of them and its a big distraction when youre riding so guys, if youre having that problem with with your bike, your flight, three Or nine you might want to put some loctite inside here. Take it completely off screw this completely off, put some loctite and theyll seal them into position so thats one issue: i dont like about this bike. Now two um, i took the bike for a ride. The tennis wheels theres something that you have to you have to adjust to its its its different every little tweaking to the handlebars. You feel the whole bike shift and move its like. You weaving a lot of things uh, with the 12 inch wheels, its not so much its more of a stable ride. Now this bike is very beautiful. I wanted to really show you guys, the decals and the time that fly ebike put into their bikes and thats. What really make their bikes look good, like these decals, really look good the rc uh wells.

Some of them come with a i love down there and im visualizing a lot of this for the first time too fellas so bear with me, but they definitely took their time with the decals the stickers, and what makes this bike look good. What makes it really looks, nice is that they took their time with a lot of these lines, a lot of these creases and things in his butt and his bike that you seen thats whats, really appealing. You know just the little cuts. The little simple cuts in the bike is making the bike really appealing all these little things here, they took time with thats whats, making a difference at night, and they also, i see they took their time with the paint jobs every year. The paint jobs getting better and better on these bikes. Now one more thing i was looking at this fly seven and i was looking at the fly three theyre, both very, very, very similar. I would say exactly: they are the same bike. If somebody know the difference, you can correct me a minute ago. I said that this was um a 1200 watt motor, but the fly 7 is a 1500 watt motor and the flight 3 is a 1200 watt motor. That could be the only difference because theyre identical bikes and this fly 7. For you guys. This fly 7 is a little bit bigger than the fly 3.. Its big. The fly, seven is bigger than the nine but smaller than the ten.

So dont think that the numbers are in order. The fly ten is bigger than the seven, but the seven is bigger than the nine. Now oh, i hate going into tedious, tedious things. Im not gon na get into a lot of the display right now and all that, because it lights up and a lot of the sun is reflecting. You guys, wont, really see so. Im focused more on that on the body, the design and the this. Not so much the specs the speed, because when you go get these bikes the speed you get them, how you like, like you, can get a 60 volts. You know 20 amps or you can get 35 amps or if you would like more than that. Oh another thing with the new fly e bikes. These new fly sevens from previous before the the major difference. Here too, is that they come with. They come with a bigger battery space. Now now you can put bigger batteries down into the fly seven because they come with much bigger battery space to go down there and also into the into the seat its just only a small battery you can go under the seat, ill show you guys in the Second, homeless, camera, but, like i said uh, you could put a bigger battery in the new fly seven so that what makes these fly sevens faster than the old for old fly, seven cause. You could put a bigger battery now.

One more thing i dont like this is a new bike and this is the way this bike come theres, no cover theres, just a mat here, so i dont know exactly how that works with the rain, but i wouldnt dare bring this bike out in the rain. I would not not with just that matte like that. Okay, what else are we getting into? Okay, let me see grab the key wheres. The key at. Where is the key? Sorry guys, im all over with the review. Okay got it. I got the key right here now different from the flies from the flat 10. I think, but its more like i said, im the best way i can do it is compared to the flat tent now, instead of sticking it in here and turning to open the seat like the fly 10, it has its own keyhole back here, like the rz. So you stick it in here and turn and it pops now. This space down here is much smaller than the flight 10. looks like you. Barely can get 29 35 amps in there. If you do thats all youre going to get in there and of course fellas, you know these switches here. This switch is for the to cut the floorboard battery on and this is to cut the the underneath seat battery. This is for the floor and this is for the seat thats. What that is. Okay, so and um. Oh yeah, and you see right back here where it slimmed down.

They im sorry im having a hard time seeing right here. They narrowed. They narrowed the frame in right here, its much slimmer what thats? For so you can stand over this bike like a bicycle, i dont know if you guys can see, but this is what this is for. You dont have to stick with your legs wide open. Now you can stand straight up and this bike is fairly light, its only like 200 pounds compared to the flight 10. The flight 10 is around 260 pounds thats. One thing that i like about it too: the weight riding around all day on this lighter bike. Its much its much simpler, its much easier, its i mean its easier to get a full days. Work like i said you can stand right over this, like a bicycle, its very comfortable when youre stopping at lights or just taking a break or just chilling on the bike, and i also like too that, when you sit on his bike, your feet is planted firmly To the ground, most people is planted firmly to the ground, thats good, with my flat 10, i plant my feet firmly to the ground, but the weight of the bike is so uncomfortable and being this is narrow. It feels like a pedal bike. My flight 10. You have to sit wide and hold heavy weight, so thats a plus to the um to the seven and another thing these new fly set fly e, bikes, theyre coming with bluetooth.

This has a bluetooth speaker. I dont know how great it is. I havent tried it, but um: listen: okay, thats the bluetooth. I havent tried connecting it yet, but i guess thats a good feature. The sound i dont see any speakers, but im assuming the speakers is fairly up here somewhere. Another thing flight did good. Look at the the emblem, the logo most bike companies do that when they have pride in a product they put it right on the front its like a badge of honor flying bike. Okay, now let me get into this these lights. I wish it was night time. So i can really show you except me: i wish it was night time yeah. Thank you. Thatll do so check it out. So um now cut the lights on here right now, when its like this is the the low beam headlight is blue. Then you come and you click it on high beam, its a very bright white light. You cant see it so much, but its very bright. The high beam is very bright now, whenever you switch it to low beam, it switches to a different color, its blue high beam, low beam and now its red, whatever that is, i dont, like it high beam, low beam and now its like some kind of purple. Color and its very dim, you cant see the street with it at night, so just to be aware of that. Sorry, okay and switch again high beam, low beam, and now you got like this blinking police light.

I guess if you want to pull over your ebros or some somebody riding on the sidewalk, you can play police and pull them over, but im not feeling that at all, maybe at night time i can show you guys one day but thats not working for me At all ebros, please, please dont use that man just switch it to the high bin. The high beam light is nice and bright. Its really nice and bright definitely can appreciate it, but the low beams i dont, know what thats about and another thing here too lets go to this bike. This display here it doesnt, have let me say something good. Okay. This turn signal i like hit. The turn signal there and it blinks nicely there right signal. Those are nice left right and it cuts off. You just press my flat 10. You have to push it push it push it and find the middle here. You click it to the left and you push the button and its clear now this spermometer lets. You know how fast youre going in killer kilometers but theres. No, no, no trip on uh older meter am i saying it correct, correct me and its down below it. Has a speedometer, but no other meter itll, give you a distance on one trip, but when you cut the bike off it resets so im, not no. How do you call it a trip, the the trip, the trip ill automate it its not there, its just a spermometer, so thats definitely a downgrade, and this is the battery display here it looks nice and handsome, but its limited information display and, of course here i, Like this one better, this is the mode one two or three fellas this button here, a lot of you guys asking thats the reverse button here on this bike.

This is the reverse. You hit the reverse button and you twist the throttle and the bike goes back. Im sitting on it, yeah, okay, its moving so give me one second simple: for this had to come into shape, so you guys could see the lights. You know, but this is the fly, seven ill, give it a good rating above all, but, like i said i was just comparing it to the um to the fly 10.. A lot of guys prefer this because its more lighter weight. You know the speed is fast. Its very fast, you know thats another thing um. You guys asked about upgrading these bikes. These bikes really dont need upgrading. They really have a lot of speed with the small wheels. I dont know how much faster youre looking to go, but its not necessary its, not necessary. I know you guys have flooded the comments with um the comment section with plenty of questions ill, be glad to answer. Like i said, you know im just all over with the reviews you know, but then again i changed the tides and, like i was saying again about the tires. These knobby tires fellas. If you, if you guys ever change your tires, its going to change the whole feel of the ride on the bike like ill, give you a a an example, you guys ever seen the motorized the motor dirt bikes when they they racing real fast. So they going up the hill, you see how the bike twists from side to side thats what youre going to get from these tires theyre not going to grip the ground like that, oh, were in a perfect place.

In fact, what these tires are made for is terrain like this. You see this grass these tires here i can shred. I can shred here if youre not riding on terrain like this most of the time, its no need and also gravel. These tires here are great. These tires, sorry, you guys can see you seen the tires. These tires like this are excellent for terrain like this. So, most of the time, if youre not on terrain like this dont change, the tires i mean i did it for the looks purely for the looks its good when you hit potholes. The ride is much more softer, but sorry sorry guys im so sorry about that. But when youre riding with these tires and you hit the the line, pavement marks or manhole covers im talking about the white pavement lines, you hit those youre going to slide to the left. The bike is going to jerk to the left jerk to the right and its a very, even professional, rider, its a very uncomfortable scary feeling, but its a thrill that some of us dont mind. So if you switch your tires, youre going thats what youre going thats? What youre, switching to you switch it to more tweak? The bike will be more twitchy, very twitchy, so im sorry, i didnt mean to throw all that in, but just want you guys to be safe. Like i said, i did the knobby tires just for the look to give the bike a heavier look, and i pretty much dont know what else to say in this video, so im gon na end it there, like.

I said i appreciate you guys and your boys on the way to 1000. You know trying to make some plans for us to do, but its your boy t2 see you guys later. Thank you. Let me know.

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