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Himiway Big Dog Review: The Ultimate Description

Those of us looking for versatility in our transportation may have just found the answer. It can be difficult to find a good substitution for a car for everyday commuting or working. No matter what we are doing, we all need space for our items, carrying capacity for tools and gear, and plenty of options for stowing equipment. That’s where the Big Dog comes in. The Himiway Big Dog just entered the market last month and is already causing excitement in the world of e-bikes.

As one of the four new long-range e-bikes launched recently by Himiway, the Big Dog is a unique blend of utility, style, and efficiency. Named after the loyal canines many of us keep as pets, the Big Dog is there when you need it to provide a helping hand. After we review this new e-bike, you may begin thinking of the Himiway Big Dog as “man’s new best friend”.

In addition to our review of the specs and features, we also eagerly await your opinion of these new bikes. With pre-orders available now and the new model shipping in February 2022, it won’t be long before you too can get your hands on this workhorse! In the meantime, our YouTube channel has a ton of reviews from riders and is worth checking out as you research your next bike. To watch the exciting formal announcement for each of these four new models, a recording of the Livestream can also be viewed here.

Without further ado, let’s dive deep into our Himiway Big Dog review:

Main Specs of the Himiway Big Dog

  •       Range: 60 – 80 miles
  •       Battery: New 48V 20Ah lithium battery
  •       Hub Motor: New 750W brushless gear motor
  •       Payload Capacity: 400 pounds
  •       Bike Weight: 79 pounds
  •       Display: LCD with USB charging
  •       Tires: 20″ diameter x 4″ width Kenda fat tires
  •       Gears: Freewheel Shimano 7 speed
  •       Brakes: 180mm mechanical disc brakes
  •       Frame Material: 6061 Aluminum with Double-Leg Kickstand
  •       Color: Grey
  •       Total Bike Length – 70 inches
  •       Handlebar Height- 43 inches
  •       HandlebarLength- 27.6 inches
  •       StandoverHeight- 16.5 inches

Main Features of the Himiway Big Dog

Frame and Kickstand

The Big Dog utilizes 6061 aluminum for its frame and because of this higher-quality material and design, it is thicker and sturdier than many competing frames. This gives it an enhanced payload capacity of up to 400 pounds. Not only does it have a higher carrying capacity than many bikes, but the wires are built inside the frame, so you won’t get them caught or tangled on your tools or equipment as you load and unload the Big Dog throughout the day.

The final feature related to the shape and style of the bike is the double-leg center kickstand. The center kickstand is rust-resistant, heavy-duty, and made from durable aluminum alloy. This will make it a breeze to load and unload items into the racks or replace and repair parts on the bike. Sometimes it is the little conveniences that make a bike so useful. And because Himiway stands behind their e-bikes, they offer a 10-year frame damage replacement service.

Rear Rack

With a name like Big Dog, it was only fitting that this all-rounder bike comes with not one, but two racks for you to choose from. That’s right, this bike comes with 2 separate rear racks inside the box which will accommodate all your needs no matter what they are. Multifunctional all-terrain bikes that have plenty of storage and carrying capacity are not easy to find in the current e-bike market, so this bike is a welcomed sight.

Upgraded Battery

The Himiway Big Dog sports a new integrated long-range battery. This means it is embedded right into the frame which serves two purposes. Number one, the integrated battery looks very stylish and gives this bike a sleek moped look. People might not even know it is an electric bike by looking at it until you zoom off with ease. Number two, the integrated battery provides functional protection from wind, rain, humidity, and dirt. Because the battery is so important and expensive, this extra protection is a huge plus.

As if the style and functionality weren’t enough, this battery has an even longer range than previous models. We are very proud and impressed by what our team has delivered in these batteries. The average rider will be able to go 60-80 miles on a single charge. This is huge news! Especially for a bike that will be with you traversing all around town and driving to and from work, a long-range battery is a must-have so we are very happy to see it here.

Upgraded Motor

Our old motors were good, but our new motors have been improved even further. The Big Dog shares the new upgraded motor found in the Himiway Cobra as well as the Himiway Zebra.

This powerful new motor uses an upgraded inner ring that is designed to withstand high temperatures and provide great heat dissipation in tough environments. As you are working day and night to run errands, ride the trails, or deliver packages, you’ll need a motor that can keep up. It looks like the Big Dog’s motor fits the bill.

Differences between the Himiway Big Dog vs. Himiway Cruiser

You may now be asking yourself, “What’s the difference between the Himiway Big Dog and the Himiway Cruiser?”

The Cruiser is a wonderful e-bike by itself and worth every penny, but because the Big Dog has some new technology and higher performance capabilities, it does fall into a premium category.

One of the most important differences is that the Big Dog will go about 20 miles further per charge. This is because we know people will be using the Big Dog cargo bike to commute, run errands, or even deliver packages, so we knew it needed to outperform when it comes to the battery range.

Another difference is the upgraded motor. With the Big Dog running longer and potentially being put under more stress, it needed a motor that could accommodate the additional pressure and that’s just what the new motor does.

The tires are noticeably different between the two bikes as well. While the Cruiser features 26inch diameter tires, the Big Dog reflects a moped-style design with smaller tires – 20 inches in diameter. Both tires are 4 inches wide and will, therefore, provide traction and comfort in all riding environments.

The final main difference is the rear rack which comes standard with the Big Dog. The Cruiser can be equipped with baskets and racks, but they do not come standard unless you find a specific sale.

Both bikes come with mechanical brakes which will ensure safe stopping at a reasonable distance and plenty of front and rear light to be sure you are seen by drivers and pedestrians at night.

The Himiway Cruiser is a great bike, but for the most cargo space and some upgraded options, the winner is the long-range electric Himiway Big Dog.

Now that you’ve read our Himiway Big Dog review, don’t forget to check out our reviews of the new Himiway Cobra and Himiway Zebra!

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