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Enhancing Bikes with Das-Kit: A Detailed Overview

Das-Kit, with its 15 years of expertise in the e-bike industry, offers a groundbreaking solution to transform any standard bicycle into an electric one. Their approach is centered around a unique, patented design focusing on an innovative battery structure, a smart Battery Management System (BMS), and a highly efficient display console. This system is complemented by a one-cable system featuring quick-release connectors for all electrical components. In just 15 minutes, Das-Kit can elevate your bicycle to a high-quality e-bike, ensuring an unmatched riding experience.

In-depth Exploration of Das-Kit Components

Das-Kit’s system components include a bottom bracket, controller, display, battery, and motor. Each part plays a pivotal role in making their system highly competitive.

Das-Kit Bottom Bracket: The bottom bracket, available in two sizes (73mm & 86mm), is a central but often undervalued component. It ensures smooth crank rotations even under exposure to road elements like water and dirt. Made from sturdy aluminum and capable of handling torque up to 80 Nm, it serves as a critical connection between the bike’s controller and drivetrain.

Das-Kit Controller: Acting as the system’s nerve center, the Das-Kit controller links the bike’s electrical elements, including the motor, battery, throttle, pedal-assist, display, and lights. Integrated into the bike frame, this sleek controller guarantees protection, efficient heat dissipation, and a low failure rate.

Das-Kit Display: Das-Kit offers two display options to suit various riding needs. The E2 display is perfect for casual riders, providing an easy-to-read layout for battery and pedal assistance. For more advanced bikes with throttle control, the advanced display manages all aspects of the ride, including riding mode, battery level, and speed, all accessible from the handlebar.

Das-Kit Battery and Motor: Das-Kit’s motor and battery system truly sets it apart. The motor, positioned at the bike’s rear-hub, and the battery, integrated into the bottom tube, provide robust protection against elements. The motor, in particular, stands out with its power (500 Watts, peaking at 750 Watts) and lightweight design (7 1/2 lbs). Das-Kit offers three motor options – X2 (350W), X15 (500W), and X15F (for fat bikes).

The battery is another highlight, offering up to 48 volts and promising long riding distances. This is achieved by innovatively designing the battery to house more cells without compromising on integration into the bike frame or the convenience of USB charging.

In summary, Das-Kit elevates the e-bike experience by focusing on efficiency, integration, and durability, making NCM and ET.Cycle bikes stand out in the e-bike market.

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