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Introducing the Vvolt Centauri and Centauri S: Fast, Comfy and Versati

The Vvolt Centauri and Centauri S are the latest additions to the Stellar Series of ebikes, blending the robustness of a mid-drive system with the popular geometry and handling of the Alpha and Alpha S models. These bikes are designed to be an ideal match for urban commuters and weekend fitness enthusiasts.

Key Features of Vvolt Centauri and Centauri S:

  1. Powerful Mid-Drive Motor: Equipped with an ultra-durable mid-drive motor that provides up to 550w of power and 80Nm of torque, significantly amplifying the rider’s leg power.
  2. Gates Drive Belt and Enviolo Rear Hub: The motor’s power is silently transmitted through a Gates drive belt to the internal rear transmission. The Enviolo rear hub offers a 380% gear range with constant engagement, ensuring seamless shifting even on challenging terrains.
  3. Sensor Suite for Adaptive Assistance: The ebikes are equipped with torque, cadence, and speed sensors, enabling the assist system to adapt to the rider’s input for smooth power delivery.
  4. Customization and Comfort: The Centauri is designed for customization with mounts for racks, fenders, and up to three water bottles. It features a custom lightweight rigid fork that can accommodate tires up to 2.1 inches wide.
  5. Urban-Friendly Design: These ebikes are comfortable on various road surfaces but are particularly suited for city environments. They have a removable integrated battery, bolt-on wheels and seatpost, and a low-key appearance for urban settings. Safety features include reflective graphics, a kickstand, and rechargeable lights.
  6. Sizing and Accessibility: The Centauri and Centauri S offer different frame styles to cater to a wide range of riders, from 4’9″ to 6’4″. The step-through frames are designed for easier access and a more relaxed riding position.
  7. Low-Maintenance Components:
    • Mid-drive motors for efficiency and longevity.
    • Gates CDX belt drives for durability and low maintenance.
    • Sealed Enviolo CVP hubs and shifters requiring minimal upkeep.
    • Hydraulic disc brakes with self-adjustment and extended service intervals.
  8. Class 1 and Class 3 Configurations: The standard Class 1 configuration assists up to 20mph, while the optional “Warp Core Upgrade” boosts the top assisted speed to 28mph for Class 3 compliance.
  9. Shipping and Assembly: Vvolt Stellar Series ebikes ship for free within the continental US and arrive 97% assembled for quick and easy setup.


  • Class 1 / 10.4ah pack: 18-45 miles
  • Class 3 / 10.4ah pack: 12-45 miles


The Centauri is currently available, and the Centauri S will be open for pre-orders in November with expected delivery in December 2022.


The Vvolt Centauri and Centauri S are engineered to be balanced, powerful, and comfortable, making them excellent choices for urban commuters and recreational riders who seek a low-maintenance, versatile ebike. With their adaptive assistance, customizable options, and efficient design, these ebikes are positioned to be popular choices in the ebike market.

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