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|Lightweight Adventure E-Bike – Ribble Gravel AL e Review

The Ribble Gravel AL e is a versatile electric gravel bike that combines the robustness of a mid-drive system with the geometry and handling of the Alpha and Alpha S models. This bike has been designed to cater to both urban commuters and weekend fitness riders.

Key Features of Ribble Gravel AL e:

  1. Geometry and Design: The Gravel AL e is longer and lower than the CGR, making it more suitable for rugged terrain. It has a more adventure/bikepacking focus compared to the road/commuter-oriented CGR AL e.
  2. Groupset Options: The Gravel AL e offers gravel-specific groupsets like SRAM Apex or Shimano GRX, differing from the CGR’s road-friendly groupsets like Shimano 105 and Ultegra.
  3. Weight: The Gravel AL e has a slight weight penalty compared to the CGR, weighing just over 14kg.
  4. Build Options: It is available in five standard build levels, and there is also the option of customizing the specification through Ribble’s bike builder, including custom paintwork.
  5. Performance: The bike features the Mahle X35 motor system, which provides subtle but useful assist, enhancing the riding experience without dominating it. The system is known for its concept of ‘just enough help’ and is designed to complement the rider’s ability.
  6. Battery Efficiency: It uses a 252Wh battery, which is small and lightweight but highly efficient, using high-quality Panasonic cells.
  7. Comfort and Handling: The bike is praised for its comfortable riding position and the flared drop handlebar. The Selle Italia X3 Boost saddle provides comfort even on longer rides.
  8. Assist Levels: The Mahle X35 system offers three levels of assist – eco, trail, and turbo, which can be customized using the Mahle app.
  9. Wheelset: The Mavic Allroad 650b wheelset is a robust choice for gravel riding, offering durability and stability.

Test Ride Experience:

  • Use of Assist: The assist was primarily used on hills, with eco mode providing just enough help to make climbing feel easier.
  • Battery Performance: The battery performed impressively, with a significant percentage remaining even after extended rides.
  • Riding Dynamics: The bike handled well on various terrains, offering a lively feel on tarmac and confidence-inspiring handling.
  • Comfort: The bike’s comfort was noted as a significant positive, especially the saddle and overall riding position.


The Ribble Gravel AL e is recommended for those seeking a gravel e-bike that is not overly heavy and can be ridden similarly to a traditional bike. It strikes a balance between performance, comfort, and versatility, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of cycling activities, from adventure riding to daily commuting.

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