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Radpower Radrunner Review | Best eBike?

Rad Runner e bike, so in this video Ill go over the basic specs on the bike, how we use the bike, all the accessories that Ive added onto the bike, some of the pros and cons how much we spent on the bike and the accessories. And my final thoughts and well get started with the specs on the bike, of course, being an e bike, there obviously has to be a motor so on the rad Runner youre, looking at a 500 watt motor, you can engage this motor in two different ways. First of all, theres the twist grip throttle on the right side of the handlebars, and you can ride this bike around without even pedaling. If you choose to for myself, I thought I would be using this bike: moped style without pedaling all the time, but to be honest, I rarely ever actually do that and the second way to engage the motor is through pedal assist, and this is whats common. On most other e bikes and what pedal assist means is the motors engaged, while youre pedaling, to give you an added boost that way? Now you can select what level of pedal assist you want, via the LED control panel on the other side of the handlebars. So this little panel shows you quite a few things. First of all, at the top, you can see how much battery is remaining. You also have the on off button. You can also turn your headlight and your tail light on and off, and then you also have your plus and minus buttons to turn your pedal assist level up or down so in level.

Zero youre, not using the motor at all. And then, if you go up to level four youre using all 500 watts of your motor, while youre pedaling and for myself, when Im out riding, I almost always have it in pedal assist level. Four. Another thing is, I do live in a very hilly area and some of the hills around my house are so steep that unless I had the bike in in level four maxing out that motor anything less than that, I probably wouldnt even be able to get up Some of these Hills, another thing about the motor is: it will limit you to a max speed of about 20 miles an hour or 32 kilometers an hour, and you can hit the speed pretty easily on a flat and once you do hit that speed, you can Just feel the motor cut out and youre cruising along without the help of the motor and then once youve dropped that back down below that speed. Then the motor will kick back in and help you now. Of course you need a battery to power. This motor and rad power says you can get up to a Max of 72, kilometers or 45 miles when fully charged. For me, I find it to be a lot closer to about 40 kilometers or 25 miles and, like I already mentioned, I live in a very hilly area and I always have the motor maxed out so thats. Why Im getting a lot less range than kind of that upper end? The battery does come with a set of keys and you can turn the battery on or off, and then there is also a third position which unlocks the battery from your frame.

So you can slide the battery off and take it inside your house or your office and charge it that way, and you can also just leave the battery on your bike while in the off position and charge it that way as well. Some other features of the bike is that you do have an integrated Bell on the handlebars. I already mentioned the integrated, headlight and tail light. The tail light also doubles as a brake light and theres also a flashing mode for the tail light. So you can have it flashing when youre riding as well. Now the rad Runner is a single speed bike. Theres, no gearing and to be honest, I think, theres no issues with that at all having 500 watts on demand in the motor. Whenever you want, I dont think I would really use gears, even if I had them this isnt a heavily performance inspired bike, its mostly just going to be about cruising from point, A to point B: youre not going to be setting any speed records. So I think, having that extra gearing, even though it is offered on the model up from this, the rad Runner plus, does come with some gears, in my opinion, its unnecessary on this bike. Love the tires on this thing. They are Kenda, puncture resistant tires and the size of them is unique to rad power. Youre not going to be able to replace these tires from a third party company.

You have to get them from radpower and theyre a unique size. I think it makes the riding experience a lot more versatile theyre, not quite fat fat bike, tire size, but it makes the ride of the bike, feel smooth and steady. Weve done some very light: easy Trails on this bike, some grass riding and then of course, pavement Music and the rad Runner is definitely not meant for a lot of off road use like theres no shocks on this bike. So once you start to head off pavement, youre gon na really feel the terrain. A lot more than a bike that was designed more for off road brakes on the bike are great. You have large disc brakes both on the front and back, and it also comes with a dual lay kickstand, and this thing is great. It might take you a few times when you first get the bike, just learning how to put the kickstand up and down, but once you get the hang of it, its very easy to use when the bike is sitting with the kickstand down the rear wheel will Be lifted off the ground slightly now we use the bike in a couple of different ways. I got it mostly so that my wife could start riding around the neighborhood with our daughter, like I already mentioned a few times its very hilly here, and you just cant ride around with the kit attached to your bike. Unless you have the help of an e bike, but since weve gotten the bike Ive ridden it way more than her because its a ton of fun and we use it for a bunch of different ways.

My wife and daughter can join me for my runs now. As well thats something we havent been able to do before we rip down to the ocean and hang out on the beach with it, we make many. Many playground runs with it. Now that Ive added a basket onto it, we can ride to the convenience store and do a small grocery run and once schools in hopefully itll be one of our main ways of commuting our daughter back and forth from school. Now, as far as accessories go, there are so many different things that you can add on to your rad power bike. Some of the accessories that weve added on is the passenger upgrade kit, as well as the passenger bars. So this came with a different colored main seat and, of course, that long passenger seat in the back. It also came with some foot pegs that your passenger can rest their feet on, came with a plastic protector for the rear, so that your passenger isnt putting their feet into the rear wheel as well, and then, finally, it came with the passenger bar so that your Passenger can hold on obviously, so all of that was very easy to install and then I also bought some fenders through rad power, and these have not been very easy to install if theyre, actually not even on my bike right now. Ive looked into this, and this is a pretty common issue. The bolts that youre supposed to remove from the bike to put the fenders on came from the factory installed way way too tight and I ended up stripping them and just got fed up and said Ill Ill.

Try to put the fenders on later and Im, not in a huge rush. We got the bike in the middle of summer. It barely rains here so Im, not in a huge rush to get the fenders on and I will be able to get those bolts out. But many other people who have the same problem are going to have to take their bike to a bike mechanic and have them fix this problem, which they should have never came that tight from radpower in the first place, but fenders at least in a few weeks. From now is another accessory thats going to be included onto my bike, and then I also got the basket for the front as well as cargo straps, we put beach toys in the front. We can put a backpack on there here when we go to the grocery store. We can take our groceries back in the basket and it does have a weight limit of 10 kilograms or about 20 pounds, so those are all the accessories that I bought through radpower. I also bought some third party accessories like like the mirror, the bike lock, which I keep attached to the frame and lastly, I also bought this very loud alarm to keep my bike safe. So, like I mentioned installation for all the accessories minus the fenders was very straightforward and simple, and putting the bike together itself was very easy as well. I think I had the whole bike put together from unboxing in about 30 to 40 minutes.

I dont have any footage of that. I would just say really take your time and follow the instructions. The bike in my case came very well packed. There were hundreds of zip ties, holding foam around the frame and all the pieces and, to be honest, taking all the zip ties and foam off the bike took probably longer than actually putting the bike together, but the whole installation process was very user friendly and you Dont have to have a very Advanced bike, mechanics skills to be able to put your rad power bike together, so pros and cons of the bike uh. To be honest, its mostly all Pros my wife myself, my daughter, we all love the thing. I asked my wife if she had any cons about the bike before making this video. She did not – and I already mentioned my only con, and that would be that the whole adding the fenders on issue, but I should be taking care of that in the next few weeks. The bike is pretty heavy. The stock bike weighs in at 65 pounds mine with all the accessories added, probably is closer to 70 to 75 pounds. Now, as far as price goes, we bought the bike. I think we got it on sale. We paid 1600, Canadian and then, with all the accessories added, I think, were basically right at 2, 000, Canadian or a little over 1500 us and at the time when we were comparing the rad, add power, rad runner bike to other options out there.

It seemed rad power for a company that had such good reviews when you compared it to its competitors. It was coming in quite a bit less expensive and I come from the world of triathlon, where a ten thousand dollar bike is the norm these days and ultimately, two thousand dollars for the bike and all the accessories, I think, was a pretty good investment. Hey just editing this video Im, not sure why, but my final thoughts got cut out. I highly recommend any bikes by radpower. They have quite a few other models as well. We might think about getting another one come next spring anyways if theres anything I left out of the review.

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