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Vello SUB: A New Contender in Smart Utility E-Bikes

VELLO, known for its award-winning folding e-bike, the VELLO Bike+, has announced a new addition to their electric bike range – the VELLO SUB (Smart Utility Bike). This innovative e-bike is designed as one of the lightest electric cargo bikes available, drawing on VELLO’s expertise in creating high-quality folding bikes and their previous cargo bike concept, the ‘Biquattro’.

Key Features of Vello SUB

  • Two Configurations: Available in titanium and chromoly steel versions, weighing 24kg and 28kg respectively.
  • Design Approach: Emphasizes minimalism, stripping unnecessary weight and pairing it with top-quality bike components.
  • Cargo and Passenger Capacity: Capable of handling heavy loads and multiple passengers, similar to larger cargo bikes.
  • Portability: Standard bike length (180cm), collapsible handlebar, and folding pedals reduce the width to 29cm for easy storage.

Electric Components

  • Bosch Cargo Line Performance Motor: A 600W (250W Rated) motor offering 85 NM of torque, ideal for transporting passengers and heavy cargo efficiently.
  • Battery Capacity: Powered by two 500Wh Bosch batteries, potentially offering up to 250Km range.

Drivetrain and Brakes

  • Enviolo CVP: A maintenance-free drivetrain featuring a Gates Carbon belt drive and an Enviolo internal gearing system, offering a 380% gearing range.
  • Magura Hydraulic Brakes: High-quality four-piston brakes ensuring safe operation under heavy loads.

Additional Features

  • Quick-release Accessory System: A tool-free system for easy configuration changes, including child seats and cargo baskets.
  • Ultra-wide 20” Schwalbe Tyres: Ensuring stability, maneuverability, and puncture protection.

Technical Specifications

  • Motor and Battery: Bosch® Performance Line CX motor, Bosch® 400 Wh PowerPack (Dual Battery Ready).
  • Drivetrain: Gates Carbon Drive, Enviolo/TR gearshift (optional).
  • Lighting: Front – Supernova/Mini 2-LDM, Rear – Supernova/TL3 Pro with brake light.
  • Load Capacity: Rear carrier with 100kg payload, MIK-HD compatible.
  • Permissible Total Weight: 210 kg.
  • Dimensions When Folded: H:85 cm x L:180 cm x W:29 cm.


The Vello SUB is set to be available for pre-order on Indiegogo from October 18th, with expected delivery in autumn 2023. Indiegogo backers will receive exclusive pre-order prices starting at £2999 for the single-speed configuration and £3499 with gears. The titanium model will start at £3749 (single speed) and £4249 with gears.


The Vello SUB is poised to be a major player in the compact utility e-bike market, offering competition to established models like the Tern GSD S10. Its unique combination of lightweight design, electric efficiency, and cargo capacity make it an attractive option for various urban transport needs, from family duties to food delivery.

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