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Eleglide Citycrosser and Tankroll – Latest E-Bikes Released |

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Popular budget e-bike brand Eleglide have just released two brand new models. The Citycrosser which is an urban hybdrid e-bike, and the Tankroll which is an electric fat bike. In this article, I’ll take a look at the specifications to see if these new additions to the range offer good value for money.

Eleglide Citycrosser

The new Eleglide Citycrosser is a rigid frame electric hybrid bike designed for urban riding. It’s priced at just over €1000, and has some stand-out features not usually found on e-bikes of this price. Below, I’ve listed some of the key features and a breakdown of the specification.

eleglide citycrosser

Key Features

  • Torque sensing pedal assist: This is a great feature to see on a sub €1000 e-bike. Torque sensors measure pedalling force and result in a much smoother, more responsive and intuitive electric assist. The rider feels more of a connection to the motor, and battery efficiency is also greatly improved. For more information on torque sensing assist, check out my review of the new Fiido X.
  • 36v rear hub motor: The small hub motor is rated at 250w (continuous power) with a peak output of 400w. It is EN15194 certified and legal to use in on EU and UK roads. The assist is programmed to stop at 25 km/h (15.5mph).

eleglide citycrosser hub motor

  • LCD display: Multi-function LCD display mounted next to the left hand grip.
  • Integrated battery: A 360wh integrated battery (36v 10Ah) is quite a low energy capacity, but should provide a decent range thanks to the increased efficiency of the torque sensor. The claimed range of 75 km (46 miles) may be possible with a lighter rider, using the lowest assist level on flat roads. I would suggest a realistic range for the average rider would be 40-56 km (25-35 miles).

eleglide citycrosser battery

  • Front cargo rack: The front rack is a nice touch and could be used (in conjunction with a basket or box) to carry shopping, food deliveries or anything else you can carry.
  • CST Puncture resistant tyres: Having tyres with a degree of puncture protection is an essential component to any city bike. The 700 x 38c tyres are a good width and in my experience, CST make decent enough tyres.


  • Motor: 36v 250w continuous, 400w peak power
  • Pedal assist: Torque sensor (with cadence sensor)
  • Battery: 36v 10Ah (360Wh) Chinese cells
  • Battery Range: Claimed 75 km (46 miles) real-world range prediction 40-56 km (25-35 miles)
  • Charge time: 6.5 hours (claimed)
  • Top Speed: 25 km/h (15.5mph) limited for EU and UK e-bike laws.
  • Weight: 22 kg
  • Maximum load: 120kg
  • Gearing: Shimano Tourney 7-speed with trigger shifter
  • Brakes: Mechanical disc brakes
  • Accessories: Kick stand, mudguards, front rack, front headlight, rear reflector
  • Water resistance rating: IPX4 – suitable for moderate rainfall, but not submersion in water.

eleglide citycrosser e-bike


I really like the look of the Eleglide Citycrosser. For the price it offers a pretty good specification and the fact it has a torque-sensing pedal assist is a big bonus. I’ve recently reviewed the Eleglide M1 Plus, and it’s a thoroughly decent e-bike for the price. If that’s anything to go by, then the new Citycrosser should be a good buy and will be suitable for commuters and leisure riders alike. If I can get hold of a sample for a review, I’ll update this article.

Eleglide Citycrosser Pros and Cons

  • Torque sensing pedal assist
  • Legal in the EU and UK
  • Integrated battery
  • Sensible weight
  • Nice styling
  • Lower battery capacity than some competitors
  • Mechanical disc brakes

Eleglide Tankroll

The Eleglide Tankroll is the brand’s first fat tyre electric bike. It’s competitively priced at just over €1100 and boasts 48v rear hub motor with integrated battery. See below for a detailed breakdown of the key components and my personal thoughts on this e-bike.

eleglide tankroll

Key Features

  • 48v rear hub motor: The 48v brushless, geared hub motor has a continuous power rating of 250w, making it suitable for legal use within the EU and UK. Peak power output (when under load) is claimed to be 740w.

eleglide tankroll hub motor

  • Integrated battery: A 48v 10Ah (480Wh) battery is integrated into the frame. 65-75km (40-46 miles) is the claimed range, which may be possible when riding on flat terrain in the lowest power setting.

eleglide tankroll battery

  • Large display: Good sized backlight LED display.
  • CST 4″ Tyres: 26 x 4.0″ tyres are good for riding on snow or sand. Can be run at very low pressures to enable maximum traction.
  • Front suspension: Coil sprung front suspension fork with hydraulic lock-out.

eleglide tankroll display


  • Motor: 48v 250w continuous, 740w peak power
  • Battery: 48v 10Ah (480Wh) Chinese cells
  • Battery Range: 65-75km (40-46 miles)
  • Charge time: 6-8 hours
  • Top Speed: 25 km/h (15.5mph) EU and UK compliant
  • Weight: 31kg
  • Maximum load: 120kg
  • Gearing: Shimano Tourney 7-speed with Shimano TX50 shifter
  • Brakes: Mechanical disc brakes
  • Suspension: Front coil sprung with hydraulic lock-out
  • Accessories: Kick stand, pannier rack, headlights, rear tail / brake light
  • Water resistance rating: IPX4 – suitable for moderate rainfall, but not submersion in water.

eleglide tankroll electric fat bike


For a fat tyre e-bike, the Eleglide Tankroll looks like decent value for money. This bike is going to be especially good for riding through snow or sand. But, should be just fine to use as a daily commuter. Fat tyre e-bikes can feel sluggish when assist isn’t used due to the weight and rolling resistance of the tyres, so you would generally rely on the motor more. The 48v motor should provide ample power and it’s good that the motor and performance characteristics have been kept the bike inline with EU and UK laws.

Eleglide Tankroll Pros and Cons

  • Good value electric fat bike
  • Big tyres = versatility
  • 48v hub motor and battery
  • Large display
  • Road legal in the EU and UK
  • Heavy
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • High rolling resistance from tyres

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions about the new Eleglide e-bikes. Please feel free to leave a message in the comments section below.

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